An Ancient Faith

in a Modern World

The world has changed, but our ancient faith remains the same.

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Keeping the Faith for Over 2,000 Years

The Orthodox Church

No matter what happens to the modern world, our ancient faith stays the same. It's just as relevant and powerful and life-giving in today's world. At St. Timothy and St. Athanasius Church (STSA) our mission is to present eternal truths in a manner relevant to modern culture. 


Join Us In Person

Each Sunday we hold two services, a liturgical worship service followed by The Well, a service with uplifting music and an inspiring, relevant message. Our children and youth programs are also held during this time. Everyone is welcome to join us any Sunday, simply create a self check-in account here.

Sunday Liturgy at 8:30AM

Create a self check-in account here and attend liturgy with us in person Sundays at 8:30 AM EST in Arlington and Leesburg, VA.

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The Well at 11:30AM

The Well is STSA's second Sunday service beginning at 11:30am. It’s a place to come for a splash of weekly inspiration on relevant topics today.

Sunday School at 11:30AM

While you are enjoying The Well, your children can attend our great Sunday School Program for kids ages pre-school through high school.


And Throughout the Week

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Groups & Events
Experience community in-person and virtually with STSA Groups & Events. 

Sign up here and we'll share events, groups, and classes you can participate in. 

Here's a free quick-start guide to start online groups at your church.


how can we pray for you? 

We would love to pray for you during this time.

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