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The Well at STSA

An ordinary place where extraordinary things happen 

This is our guest-friendly “second service,” which takes place weekly after the Divine Liturgy. Each week, we discuss relevant, thought-provoking topics that challenge us to understand our faith more personally and engage in it more practically. We aim to communicate the depth and riches of our ancient faith, in simple and understandable ways that are relatable to the modern world.

the name 

The name comes from the story of the Samaritan woman in chapter four of the Gospel of John. To her, the well was an ordinary place that took on extraordinary meaning and significance through the encounter she had there with a Man named Jesus. She showed up at the well one way and left completely different– transformed on both the inside and the outside.

The DC Metro Area is occupied by busy metro stations, crowded malls, packed office buildings, and high-rises full of people far from home. That’s why we’re here. The goal of The Well in Arlington today is to have the same impact a certain well had in Samaria 2,000 years ago; to become an ordinary place where people meet Jesus and lives are changed forever.

Current Series: Jesus for President

Watch on our YouTube Channel and follow along with handouts. Simply download and print as a double-sided booklet. 

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jesus for president 

October 2020 


While this year's presidential election continues to heat up, the most important vote you cast might not take place on November 3. Because regardless of who you vote for as President, what matters even more is who you elect as King. That position belongs to Jesus. What would Jesus say if He was running for office?


Recent Series at The Well

series playlist with handouts 

  • Well_ What Does Love Require-3.jpg

    What Love Requires

    September 2020

    Love, Unity, Politics, One

  • A Humbled Hero - Part 1.jpg

    A Humbled Hero

    August 2020

    Elijah, humility, hero

  • Well_ Did Jesus Really?-6.jpg

    Did Jesus Say That?

    July 2020

    enemies, worry, love

  • Disconnected Slides-6.jpg


    May 2020


  • Well _ After The Resurrection.jpg

    After the Resurrection

    April 2020

    sacraments, priesthood, eucharist...

  • Unshakeable Logos.jpg


    March 2020

    trust, trials, endure, character

  • New Year, Less Me series-2.jpg

    New Year, Less Me

    January 2020

    selfless, goals, serve, purpose

  • ST&SA: Who Are They?

    January 2020


  • Blind Faith Logos.jpg

    Blind Faith

    October 2019

    faith,  7 “signs”, St. John

  • Anger Mgmt Logos.jpg

    Anger Management

    September 2019

    anger, conflict, boundaries

  • Starting Small

    August 2019

    habits, systems, change

  • Finding Your Flavor

    October 2016

    9 spiritual temperaments


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