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Christian orthodoxy

If you're interested in learning more about the Orthodox faith, we encourage you to visit our Find Out More resource page where you can view short videos covering many of the common questions we’ve been asked. Below are additional resources that may be helpful for you.

parenting and family life

These are some of our favorite books and websites on parenting and family life.

church leaders

STSA Ministries is a community of resources, inspiration, and learning designed to encourage and equip Orthodox Church leaders. As a member of this site, you'll access free resources related to Orthodox education, children & youth, volunteer management, member groups, creating welcoming environments, leadership, and more. 

mental health

We think it's about time for us as a church to address the deep connection between our souls and minds. It's important to address our health holistically, continually strengthening our mental health and being attentive and sensitive to the mental health of those around us.

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