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STSA Ministries

Welcome! We’d love to help you grow and connect in the Orthodox Faith no matter where you live in the world! STSA Ministries is a community of resources, inspiration, and learning designed to encourage and equip you in your Orthodox faith.

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Seasonal Toolbox

Receive easy, effective ways to help you build spiritual habits through each season of the church. We put together a toolbox of resources that offers a few simple activities and resources for you to benefit from what the church is focused on during the season. 

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Virtual Events

Join people across the globe each month in an Ancient Faith Chat with Fr. Anthony where he’ll share the Orthodox view on a relevant topic and answer any questions you may have. Seasonally we'll be offering virtual groups to discuss and learn from one another.

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We've dedicated this site to offer resources to help build spiritual habits, engage your family, and impact your community.

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