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Ten years ago, we were called by God to build a church with a specific mission: to bring an ancient faith to a modern world. We’ve done our best to faithfully live out this mission, but being a “portable” church has serious limitations. Over the last two years, we worked extensively to design a comprehensive plan for our future home and are now ready to take the next step in building a permanent home in Arlington, VA. But we can’t do this alone, so we're asking for your help to reach our goal.


A local church with global reach

We serve 430 active members, but also minister to over 11,200+ followers around the world through our online sermons, Sunday school curriculums, education courses, and services.

A home for Personal Growth

Many of our members tell us that they were disenfranchised with the Christian faith. To them, STSA provides a safe space to go deeper in their faith and renew their relationship with Christ.

Supporting our Local Community

Through our 501(c)3 community service arm, Hope Multiplied, we have invested over $500K into our local community to create 6 programs that meet some of the greatest needs of our most vulnerable populations, including 30,000 meals delivered to food-insecure families and a mobile health clinic that serves poor, under-served areas in Egypt.

providing Resources to the World

We launched STSA Ministries in response to church leaders around the world asking for guidance on how they could incorporate similar, impactful services into their local communities. We empower over 600 members by providing scalable content, frameworks and training sessions.


being a "portable" church comes with limitations

Improved Quality of our Ministry to You

The lack of permanent facilities means extremely limited A/V options and tons of manual labor setting up each week. With dedicated space and equipment we can provide consistently high quality online and in-person experiences.

Orthodox worship

Without a dedicated sanctuary, the multi-sensory experience of authentic Orthodox worship is missing from our Liturgical services. This is especially critical for converts, children and those new to the faith.

stronger Community Connection

The lack of a permanent home limits our visibility and impedes our ability to “open our doors” to our local community throughout the week.

serving the next generation

With 225 kids (and increasing!) in our childrens’ and youth ministry, we’ve far outgrown all options available to us as renters. In addition, being in a temporary situation makes it extremely challenging to provide the age-appropriate, edifying environment that we need for them.


our detailed plan to continue our mission




 YOU can be a part of STSA’s future home

How do I know my Money will go to the building?
How do I know my Money will go to the building?
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