Through our Sunday School program at STSA, we aim to inspire children and youth to pursue God’s purpose for their lives, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a life-giving relationship with the Orthodox Church. This translates to fun, engaging, and age-appropriate lessons for kids, and practical resources for parents. 

Milestones + Phases

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Our vision for Sunday School at STSA is based on the fact that you, the parent, are the most influential person in your child's life - not their peers, their classroom teachers, or even their Sunday School teachers. This is true now more than ever. We, as Sunday School teachers and volunteers, are here to support and encourage you to maximize your time at home with your kids.

In the STSA Sunday School Book, you’ll find an overview of our Sunday School program, and resources for you and your family, as we set out to bring an ancient faith to our kids’ modern world. Along with these resources, we will update all Sunday School registrants with a weekly email newsletter that includes information on lessons, events, activities and, most importantly, some encouragement for you.


Parent-Led Sunday School Lessons

Weekly Lessons for each age group

We hope that you have fun with the below lessons and realize how amazing of a teacher you are! After all, you do know your kids the best. So, please feel free to get creative and present the lesson in any way that will help them grow in Christ. 

2 Years-Kindergarten

A parent-led guide with video links, and activities for 2 year olds - Kindergarten.


A parent-led guide with video links, and activities for 1st - 6th graders. No password? Click here for the lesson.


Watch The Well together and discuss these questions with your teen. 

calling all saints!

Watch reenactments of the lives of saints by our Sunday school students; a fun set of short videos we like to call "Calling All Saints!"

parenting and family life resources

We're committed to providing you with an environment that will help you and your family grow as well. These are some of our favorite books and websites on parenting and family life.